Contents insurance

What is Contents Insurance (All Risks)?

Contents Insurance (All Risks) is the widest cover available for properties. This insurance is designed to cover your property against loss or damage caused by any accident or misfortune.

This type of insurance covers mainly building contents, personal effects & portal items.

What’s covered?

Protection against loss, damage and more.

Loss or damage to your contents:

  • Caused by events such as fire, theft and flooding
Cover at home and in the garden

  • Cover in your home, outbuildings and garden
  • Plus we’ll cover items temporarily taken outside the home or garden or worldwide
New for old replacements

  • We’ll replace your damaged or destroyed belongings with new items
  • Or we’ll help with restorations, repairs or payment to choose your own replacements
Personal money

  • Cash in your home covered up to a limit – including travel tickets, gift vouchers and phone cards

What’s not covered?

Unfortunately, we can’t cover everything – make sure you’re happy with what’s not covered, including:

  • Wear and tear, and the cost of repairing breakdowns or faults
  • Misplacing or accidentally losing items
  • Motorised vehicles, aircrafts, caravans or watercrafts of any kind

What’s optional?

  • Political Violence and Terrorism: Cover against political violence and terrorism

Other types of insurance cover

Domestic Package

A cover to protect your residential premises against various risks Your home, as well as everything inside of it.

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Burglary Insurance

Provides compensation when a property suffers loss caused by theft when accompanied by forcible breaking into.

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Electronic Equipment Insurance

Designed to cover all types of electronic equipment, computers, delicate electric and ……

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Goldstar claim process

No matter what your worry is, we’re here to help explain the process, assess your claim fairly and minimize the disruption to you with a transparent claims process.
Claim process

How to make a claim

We have a number of options to help you make a claim quickly and effectively. Contact our dedicated claims team for advice on an incident/claim.
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Why choose us ?

Goldstar Insurance was IFM’s Best Insurance Company in Uganda (2015) and has over the years consistently maintained a Global A+ Credit Rating
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  • Ensure you declare a list of items to be insured under contents insurance including serial numbers, model, make and have the correct sum insured
  • Always keep valuables safely and locked out of site to protect against the risk of theft