How to make a claim

How to make a claim

Report a claim now – however is easiest for you

We invite you to submit a claim or potential claim to us through the following channels:

Email us :

Call us : 041-4-250-111 (Mon-Fri, 8:30am – 6:00pm)

Visit us:

Goldstar Insurance Company,

6 Floor Crane Chambers,

Plot No 38 Kampala Road,

PO Box 7781,

Kampala, Uganda.


Dedicated Claims Team

We are here for you so if you’d like our advice on an incident/claim matter please contact one of our team.


Claims Manager: Enock Mudadi
Motor Claims: Quraish Muhanguzi
General Claims: Harmon Opiyo


General Claims Information:

Any occurrence which may give rise to any insurance claim must be reported to us immediately (no later than 7 days after the event) you become aware of such occurrence, failing which your claim may be prejudiced on the grounds of late notification.

  • Claim forms must be fully completed and submitted with the necessary documents in support of your claim.
  • Thefts and motor accidents must be reported to the police immediately.
  • Take action to prevent any further loss or damage.

Please remember:

  • Your Insurers have the option to repair, replace, reinstate or pay cash and have the right to assess the loss.
  • Do not repair or replace lost or damaged property without obtaining authority from your Insurers.
  • Never admit liability of any accident.
  • Any right of recourse which may exist is subrogated to Insurers once we admit liability for the loss, and it is important that personal particulars.
  • Do not dispose of damaged property and/or salvage.
  • Particulars of the 3rd party and any witness to be obtained.
  • Non-pursuance of recoveries is to the detriment of your overall claims experience.
  • Act at all times as if you were uninsured.

Domestic Package Claims Information:

  • Inform the Police and make an official Report to them where applicable
  • Notify us immediately
  • Complete claim form and submit it to us
  • Claim formulation
  • Send any other information or details supporting the claim

Take all reasonable steps to mitigate any current further loss and all future loses.