What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance from Goldstar, in Partnership with AXA Assistance, is intended to cover medical expense, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred while travelling.

Why do you need Travel Insurance?

In an ideal world, planes are on time, luggage arrives safely, traffic flows smoothly, the weather is perfect and the hotel room is ready on arrival. However, in reality flights are often cancelled, luggage is lost, a passport disappears or a traveler is injured. That's when Goldstar’s Travel Insurance goes to work, protecting travellers all year round.

Goldstar Insurance, in partnership with AXA Assistance, offers award winning Travel Insurance at the most competitive rates. Travel insurance is mandatory in the Schengen area, so call us today for more information. With 24/7 assistance all over the world, you can be assured you are safe with us.

What is covered?

The information below gives you details at a glance to help you decide which product is right for you. Contact one of our team today to find out more about any of the covers. We want you to be confident that your policy covers everything you need it to so please be sure to read the full policy document.

Description/Scope Goldstar Travel Insurance Cover
Medical Transportation
Escort of a Beneficiary by a Family Member
Extension of the Beneficiary's Stay
Repatriation of the close Relative Beneficiaries
Extension of Stay of One of the Close Relative Beneficiary
Escort of The Beneficiary who is Less Than 15 Years Old
Emergency Medical Expenses
Emergency Dental Expenses
Repatriation of the Body in the event of the Death
Legal Assistance and Costs
Loss of Luggage
Delay of Luggage
Flight Delays
Theft of Passport
24/7 Assistance worldwide