Who we are and what we do

  In an uncertain world, Goldstar is an insurance leader, committed to keeping up with the ever-changing needs of our customers, and anticipating their needs for the future. There is no stronger testament to our dedication to protecting customers from loss than our financial strength, dedicated support from our local team, and continued innovation.  

Goldstar entered into the insurance industry of Uganda in 1996 when it was faced with fierce competition amongst the existing players. This was coupled with a market culture where the public, by choice, did not insure their property, assets or businesses, which further account for the low penetration levels. In addition, the regulatory body was also in its infancy.

Despite all this, the shareholders were brave enough to enter the industry at that stage and more importantly, were extremely determined to succeed and make Goldstar the household name it is today. Goldstar rapidly achieved a top five spot within the industry.

In order to achieve this success, it was paramount for the promoters to lay a strong foundation with an appropriate philosophy and culture for the organization aimed at attaining a sustainable growth. The underlying philosophy was and always has been to aim for slow but steady growth, with a culture of providing excellent service not only to meet, but endeavour to exceed our clients’ expectations.


"To be an insurer of distinction, renowned and respected for unequaled customer service delivery"

Mission Statement


Core Values

  • Customer Care and Satisfaction
  • Prompt Service Delivery
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Sustainability
  • Social Conscience
  • Profitability
  • Zero tolerance in the fight against fraud

Accordingly, our foundation is based on four pillars:

With these cornerstones as our guide into the future, we embarked on the journey into the market proclaiming to provide “insurance protection as solid as gold”. This has been possible over time with our flexibility to provide tailor-made policies to suit our clients’ needs and requirements and, more importantly, by promptly settling our claims. Today, it is salutary to note that based on Global Credit Ratings’ independent report on the insurance industry in Uganda, Goldstar has the strongest solvency margin, the highest cash claims cover and the best underwriting margin.

As Goldstar looks to the future, we strongly contend that our initial philosophy and foundation are still relevant in today’s market. Accordingly, we shall continue to stringently adhere to our mission to “Safeguard. Strengthen. Serve”, and to our core values with customer satisfaction at the forefront, now entrenched with a “personal touch”.

So the walk on the path to our vision of being an insurer of distinction continues with support from our brokers, and clients, both existing and prospective; from the Insurance Association for technical support; from the Insurance Regulatory Authority for impartial guidance and monitoring; from management and staff for dedication, devotion and diligence; and most importantly, from the Board of Directors for providing the policy framework and resources.