Public Liability Insurance Policy

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Cover from Goldstar is designed to offer protection to individuals, businesses and non-commercial organizations against claims for injury or damage, for which they are found legally liable. The policy will cover claims from any members of the public, clients or customers (‘third parties’) suffering from an accident/incident, while on business premises or elsewhere, in the event you or your business is found to be liable.

Why you need a Public Liability Insurance?

You may think that it's not likely someone will make a claim against you or your business, but if there is a possibility, you should consider it. You should consider taking out a public liability insurance policy if:

  • Members of the public, customers or clients visit your premises
  • You visit or work on other premises
  • You undertake activities in public places

What does Public Liability Insurance cover?

Public liability protection covers injuries and damage claims brought against your business by a third party, whether caused at your own workplace, a customer’s workplace or elsewhere.

Public Liability Insurance will usually cover any related costs, such as:

  • Compensation payouts to the injured party
  • The cost of repairing damage
  • Legal fees incurred in defending the case
  • Hospital treatment, including ambulance costs