Motor Insurance – Commercial

What is Motor Insurance – Commercial?

Commercial Motor Insurance from Goldstar can give your business the reassurance of extensive cover, competitive rates and great service when you need us most.

Goldstar offers cover for a range of vehicles including car fleets, vans, trucks, trailers, tractors and other farming vehicles, plus many more.

Goldstar offers both third party and Comprehensive Private motor insurance so you can personalise the insurance cover to your individual needs.

Why do you need Motor Insurance – Commercial?

Motor Third Party Cover is a compulsory cover that all drivers require. It protects bodily injury to third parties in the event of an accident.

Motor Comprehensive cover from Goldstar is the most comprehensive cover, offering peace of mind and assurance to your business that more than just your car is covered.

What does Motor Insurance – Commercial cover?

The information below gives you details at a glance to help you decide which product is right for you. Contact one of our team today to find out more about any of the covers. We want you to be confident that your policy covers everything you need it to so please be sure to read the full policy document.

Description/Scope Motor Commercial Comprehensive Statutory/Standard Motor Third Party
Own Damage to the Motor Vehicle, its accessories and spare parts  
Fire and theft  
Third party Bodily Injury/Death
(a)    Any one person
(b)   Any one year/Aggregate
Third Party Property Damage  
Authorised Repair Limit  
Protection and Removal/Towing  
Emergency Medical Expenses  
Wind Screen Replacement  
Additional benefits Motor Commercial Comprehensive Statutory/Standard Motor Third Party
Political violence and terrorism Optional  
Locks and Keys  
Audio / Video System  
Passenger Liability  
Personal Accident  
Personal Effects  
Emergency Alternative accommodation  
Alterative car hire  
Loss of use Optional  
Claims preparation Costs  
Fire Extinguishing Charges  
Riots, Strikes, Civil Commotion and Malicious Damage  
Floods, Earthquake and Tempest/hurricane  
Geographic area Uganda Uganda
Jurisdiction Laws of Uganda Laws of Uganda
Excess /Deductible  

Comesa Yellow Card

The Comesa Yellow Card Cover from Goldstar provides protection against third party risks within the COMESA region. It is an extension on the existing motor policy which applies to all motorists and is a legal requirement in order to cross the border.


COMESA Premium

COMESA Standard

Third party bodily injury and/or death As per Comesa Tariff As per third party motor insurance cover as required by the laws of the participating states.
Extension of FMD if the travelling vehicle is under comprehensive cover Load premium by 20% for East Africa and 30% for other states As per policy