Cash In Transit Insurance

What is Cash In Transit Insurance?

Cash In Transit, Money In Transit, Insurance from Goldstar means cash, bank notes, brand drafts, currency notes, cheques, current postage stamps, postal orders, money orders, revenue stamps and air time cards are all included. It protects the insured against risks associated with transporting cash from one location to another.

Why do you need Cash In Transit Insurance?

Cash In Transit is specifically designed to protect the insured from:

  • Loss of money arising out any cause
  • Loss of or damage to safe/strong room
  • Any case in which money is being carried
  • The goods or property of the insured or for which the insured is legally responsible caused by theft or attempted theft.

What does Cash In Transit Insurance cover?

Cash In Transit is an All Risks policy covering money, up to the insured’s given limits, including;

  • In transit to or from bank
  • In insured’s premises outside safe/strong during office hours
  • In the insured’s premises in locked safe/strong room after office hours
  • In the insured’s residence or partner
  • In the hands of authorized official e.g salesmen, directors, messengers
  • Loss or damage to safe


Additional benefits and extensions that Goldstar can provide include cover for:

  • Receptacles – Replacement
  • Clothing or Personal effects
  • Locks & Keys for receptacles – Replacement
  • Including riots, strikes, and civil commotions
  • Contents of franking machine                          
  • Personal Accident/Assault
  • Hold-up and or threat of violence
  • Skeleton Key clause